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A data-driven approach with more rapid process improvements

Implementing a Continuous Improvement philosophy in today’s fast-paced digital world is a must and should be addressed using a slightly different approach from that of a traditional brick & mortar business. Rather than fostering lengthy improvement projects, a high-tech business can take a data-driven approach with more rapid process improvements that incorporate real-time, event-driven analytics for effective decision making.

Enabling employees to use proven optimization techniques enables rapid change according to micro-economic shifts which can occur very rapidly – as occurred with COVID19. Often in tech, band aid solutions are implemented to respond quickly to customers, but these must be optimized and automated over time as the change requires operationalization.

For technology businesses, operations need to remain flexible due to variable workforces and changing accessibility of massive amounts of data. Traditional approaches soon become ineffective or obsolete, creating the need to adapt using continuous improvement frameworks. Digital Transformation is key, as organizations require more cross-functional and geographically diverse locations to work together using digital processes which have been automated to reduce duplication and cycle time. Remote-based Kaizen approaches can have significant impact in connecting employees who need to work together across multiple boundaries (geographic, functional and customer/supplier) to drive change.

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