Demand Management is more than a demand plan. It is a competency and a foundation for your
integrated business processes. When done well, your Demand Management underpins your marketing,
S&OP and financials, ensuring that everyone is working off of “one set of numbers”.

OpExecs offers customized solutions to help strengthen your Demand Management competency, whether you are just starting a journey or have established expertise and are ready to take your competency to the next level.

How OpExecs Can Help

  • Engage the OpExecs team to diagnose your current capability, build an improvement plan, and implement solutions.
  • Develop your workforce with e-Learning courses available at OpExecs Academy.
  • Build a foundation of Demand Management competency with course slide decks, videos and scripts. This is especially powerful when combined with consultation to optimize effectiveness.

Case Study

A Global Chemical Company Strengthens Demand Management with Training Materials

While Chemours has followed the demand management best practices for some time, their training tools had become dated. They lacked a centralized training system for onboarding new employees. By leveraging the Demand Management Courses at OpExecs Academy, Chemours built a single collection of demand management training tools available for reference at any time.

Hear what Chemours has to say about the power of strong Demand Management and OpExecs’ customized solutions.

There are four elements of Demand Management, each of which can be strengthened by applying best practices.

  • Strong Demand Management starts with Influencing Demand. Your marketing strategy shapes your customer base and their demand for your products. Demand competency connects that marketing strategy with the demand planning to ensure a cohesive approach to business.
  • Demand Planning is the second of four elements of Demand Management. Building a strong demand plan requires soft and hard skills, cross-functional expertise, and an ability to navigate from details to the big picture. The first step in building this competency is to invest in the training of your demand planning organization.
  • Most demand planners spend much of their day in Demand Execution, ensuring that your customers’ demand is met. Best Practices in demand competency include ways to drive efficiencies in Demand Execution while improving customer satisfaction.
  • Demand planners must Communicate the Demand Plan in a way that ensures alignment on the plan and understanding of the assumptions and risks that underpin the plan. Your demand planners represent the plan to your cross-functional organization, and they require the toolkit and skillset to do the job right.

Building the Demand Management competency of your organization is an investment in strengthening the way you do business.

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How We Helped

Seamless Integration

A large international chemical company benefits from strengthening Demand Management and making the demand plan the foundation of the integrated business processes.

Opportunity: At a large company in the chemical industry, the demand planners reported through the Supply organization and were disconnected from the commercial team and the marketing strategy. In an End-to-End Transformation across multiple businesses and regions, the Demand Management organization was strengthened with new org structure, business processes, tools, and competencies.   Shifting the demand planners closer to the customer improved the customer experience, drove seamless integration with market and supply planning, and decreased churn in the global businesses. Critical to Success was the alignment of the cross-functional organization to execute the new demand planning processes.

Results: Ultimately, demand competency and demand forecast accuracy were improved while demand planning effort was reduced by 50%.

Focused Forecasting

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