Prioritization Roadmap

Each company and organization has a unique set of key processes which drive their value add. The first step is to select these processes for your company.

Analyzing will develop the priorities your team needs to launch a standard of excellence initiative.

If you are a financial services company: these likely include digitized processes to gather information, execute and alert secure transactions.

If you are a manufacturing company: these will include the processes which are replicated the most throughout your facilities as well as those which most directly affect your customers.

Our approach uses a roadmap to ensure proper buy-in:

  1. Develop high level steering committee to prioritize areas of opportunity and select team members
  2. Obtain input from customers
  3. Document key financial metrics indicating current cost to operate, efficiency and security
  4. Observe processes and document experience
  5. Analyze process capability using currently available data
  6. Identify best practice leaders and implementation team
  7. Apply best practices and reward results as all processes improve

Additional Items

Key Questions
  • Do you have a strategic view of key processes?
  • Which processes and/or departments are most costly to operate?
  • How do you compare with your competitors?
  • Are there established process owners responsible to drive improvement?
  • Is there an established ‘expertise’ team that meets regularly to gather insight, review data and share best practice learnings?
  • Does your team make decisions based on opinions rather than using hard data or hypothesis testing?
  • Are your priorities based upon ‘gut feel’ or a weak annual Sales forecast?
  • How do you ensure your priorities translate into strategic goals and objectives?

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