Start-to-Finish Project Completion, Lean Six Sigma Project Consulting, on-line, 16 sessions



Our Master Black Belts will work with you directly using a one-on-one consultative approach to launch and complete your project.  During your weekly or biweekly call (comprising a total of sixteen sessions), we will assess your current progress, answer questions and work with you to identify the best next steps to complete in order to accelerate project results.  We will discuss project deliverables, recommended tools and techniques and project tracking methods to help you ensure that your project is delivered on-time and with significant results.   During each session, we will spend one hour together using web-based video technology which we will record to ensure you can watch the recording after the fact.  We will also document agreed next steps to provide a written record of our conversation.  Included in this consultation is the preview of materials (tools used, files to analyze, project results achieved) sent via email ahead of time so that our Master Black Belt can review your latest progress, maximizing the efficiency of our time together.  At the end of our 16 sessions, you should target having your project completed.  Our schedule flexes with yours and we can be available at your convenience wherever you are located across the globe.   After setting up the initial consultation schedule per our agreed upon availability, you can count on us to be available to meet your project assistance needs.   Multiple participants can be included in the consultation session which will leverage WebEx video conferencing technology.


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