Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training materials, 8-10 day course including in-class project simulation



Are you responsible for implementing a Lean Six Sigma program in your organization?  Do you need a proven and effective training model with content to jump-start your initiative?  If so, let us provide you with our Lean Six Sigma materials which can be used both as training content as well as a student notebook once you print it as a reference guide for your Lean Six Sigma Project leaders.  This deliverable-focused content is highly engaging and also technically developed enough to be used as THE reference book for project leaders.  It is filled with government-specific, healthcare-specific, manufacturing-specific and service examples as well as a project simulation which is used in class to allow participants to test-out their ideas with fellow learners.  The simulation is designed to ensure participants HAVE FUN while also taking risk to apply Lean Six Sigma in a non-threatening environment.  Lean Six Sigma DMAIC deliverables are presented in an easy-to-understand format designed for professionals who may or may not have significant analytical background and skillset.  Each tool is presented using either Excel or Minitab so that users have their choice of the appropriate tool.  Commonly used tool templates referenced during training are available on our website and can be downloaded for free.  Materials included:

    • Agendas and recommended timetables for entire training program
    • Complete set of Powerpoint presentation slides with training notes, 700+ pages of powerpoint slides covering all DMAIC phases and key tools used throughout
    • Facilitator’s guide to running the simulation and including list of materials required along with templates to print
    • Complete material set required to do the simulation
    • Printable pdf format file, which includes all instructor powerpoint slides as well as background slides/pages.  Can be printed and used as a Six Sigma book and reference for training and beyond training as the student applies Lean Six Sigma to their own project.
    • Rights included to use and modify content.
    • See attached example of the first of 15 modules. (WelcomeIntro_Green Belt Training)


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