Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training material simulation



Do you have training materials for Lean Six Sigma yet you do not use an in-class simulation?  Simulations add immense value to a training program by: providing a method to have fun and relax while learning, ensuring participants apply tools in a real environment where they are under pressure to improve, and allowing participants to practice facilitation skills and take risks in a non-threatening environment.  Our simulation starts in the Intro to Lean Six Sigma module and continues throughout every DMAIC phase with an opportunity to re-run the simulation and implement a Lean Six Sigma project throughout the training timeframe.  Instructors can use the flexible simulation to apply many different Lean Six Sigma tools including: Voice of the Customer, Data Collection Plan, Value Stream Map, Pull Systems, Cellular Flow, Design for Six Sigma, Failure Mode & Effects Analysis, Pilot planning and Implementation, Control plans and many more.  The sky is the limit as you can determine which tools most directly apply to your audience.   Materials included:

    • 40 page facilitator’s guide including set up, materials required and methods to use while applying the tools during class
    • Complete material set required to do the simulation
    • Templates to give your students as well as completed examples of commonly used tools applied in the simulation such as: Process Map (SIPOC and Cross Functional Swimlane), Cause & Effect Diagram, Affinity Diagram, FAILURE MODE & EFFECTS ANALYSIS (FMEA) and Value Added/Cycle Time Analysis tool.
    • Instructions for Measurement Systems Analysis (optional exercise)

This simulation model has been used for over 20 years with students of diverse backgrounds including: engineers, finance persons, sourcing leaders, customer service and sales personnel, government employees and lawyers.  Customize the simulation to use with your audience through the types of tools you apply.  The application is an outsourced mail delivery process with roles for customers, the company performing the service and the leadership team of this company.  The simulation can flex to support between 15 and 25 people and can be used in Champion, Green and Black Belt training.


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