Industry-Specific Lean Six Sigma Training Targets Participants’ Experiences To Enhance Learning and Application

I have had the privilege of teaching thousands of people to utilize the power of Lean Six Sigma to solve problems and improve customer satisfaction.  Coaching hundreds of them as they have executed projects in their own work environments has convinced me that this approach is applicable in every industry and environment.  When harnessed effectively, it changes the mindset and skillset of all who practice it and also affects the culture surrounding them.

Belts quickly learn through application that thorny, difficult problems which were endured for years can be described, broken down into chewable chunks and addressed with discipline and focus.  I have taught groups who were made up of diverse participants as well as groups who were specifically gathered due to their focus on Sales, Sourcing, Manufacturing or Government functions.  Through 20+ years of applying this methodology in many industries and environments I have concluded that the most effective way to teach people is to do so in an environment customized to their work experience.

This occurs because most students instinctively apply learning from their own perspectives.  Projects implemented in an Emergency Room or other healthcare facility will have different requirements and applicable tools than will ones implemented on the shop floor.  Digital processes, which are the norm in financial services, require a different approach than do manufacturing ones.  Training that is customized to a work environment will ensure that examples are taught in the language of that environment.  Simulations which enable participants to learn while having fun and applying tools on a real-time basis can be customized to fit the participants’ experience so application after class is intuitive.  Perhaps most importantly, being surrounded by other practitioners in your industry will help you network with people who have relatable project experiences and provide the opportunity to connect after class … when the real project work sets in!

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  1. Dan James on July 24, 2018 at 6:51 pm

    I think you make many valid points here. How can I sign up for training?

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